Situated between the shores of Black Sea and the Pomorian Salt Lake, Grand Hotel Pomorie specializes in spa, wellness, and high-class rehabilitation procedures, offering a unique combination of treatments.

The hotel is located in the town of Pomorie, which is well known for the healing properties of the mud from the Pomorian Salt Lake as well as the vintage wines produced in the region.

Our 178 spacious rooms and suites offer a very beautiful view of the beach and are fully equipped with all amenities to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Our SPA centre consists of 17 treatment rooms; Physiotherapy division and Mud and lye treatment division. Heat and water facilities include steam room, saunas, Turkish bath, Egyptian bath, bucket shower, ice room, ice water shocking pool, kneipр track, relax room, Jacuzzi, salt water indoor pool, salt water Jacuzzi, 3 outdoor pools; Beauty salon; Fitness.

Our Medical Centre offers procedures for treating over 45 different medical conditions, related to the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system, the reproductive system, as well as skin conditions.


The mud offered in GRAND HOTEL POMORIE possesses strong anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, at the same time these treatments improve the metabolism. The lye treatment has the ability to treat knee pains, coxofemoral joints, also back and spinal pains.

One of the unique properties of the Pomorian salt lake mud is the positive effect it has on the reproductory system of the human organism, especially in the treatment of sterility.


We have several rooms, equipped with modern facilities to offer low, high and ultra high frequency currents, which offer anti-inflammatory and pain relief in procedures, suitable for treating joint pains, otitis, sinusitis, toothpain, stimulation of damaged muscular tissues and others.


Our kinesitherapists will create an individual program for medicinal gymnastics, analytical gymnastics and specialized medicinal gymnastics with mechanotherapy, for the treatment of diseases of the skeletal and muscular systems, such as coxarthrosis, discopathy, disc hernia and others.


The expensive high-tech equipment of our medical centre offers laser and Puva therapy, which adds to the uniqueness of the spa complex.

Laser therapy is used where an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect is required, by using a laser beam for treatment. It is suitable for healing inflammatory conditions of joints, muscles and tendons. In addition, it can be used for cosmetic procedures.

Puva therapy offers sector “A” ultraviolet light exposure, which has an extremely favorable effect over skin regeneration. It is mainly used for treating psoriasis.


Magnetotherapy has an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect on treating conditions of the skeletal and muscular systems, post-fractural conditions and problems related to the peripheral nervous system.


Transcomtherapy or Hydrocolon therapy is a newly developed and extremely useful procedure for hydrotherapy of the colon, using water and water based solutions and high-tech equipment. The aim of this therapy is to separate persistent old accumulations on the colon’s surface, caused by improper food consumption.

Grand Hotel Pomorie – Balneo Spa & Wellness
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