Located in the historic centre of the city and offering memorable views of the Danube river the hotel combines the comfort of luxurious accommodation and personal attitude to guests with the modern conveniences of a central air conditioning system, an access control system, free wireless internet, smart TVs and more.

All rooms are decorated individually and each is fitted with designer furniture. The multipurpose hall located on the ground floor of the hotel operates as an evening lounge and can house a variety of events. Along with the included breakfast, food and drinks are offered à la carte. The hotel offers four room types - comfortable, studio, studio deluxe and maisonette:


Boston Colonial, the Loft


New York, French Elegance, Adventure

Studio Deluxe

President Room, Music Room, Luxury Room


Both levels are furnished with designer furniture by individual project. A glass bathroom and a king sized bed along with a small seating area are located on the first level. The second level houses a large seating area and provides access to the terrace, which is suitable for individual parties or corporate events.

For contacts:
9 Vasil Aprilov str., Ruse, Bulgaria 7000
T: +359 (0)888 986 000
E: contact@residencehouseruse.com
W: residencehouseruse.com