A visit to SWEDENT clinic is not dreaded but anticipated. Dental and oral wellness does not only mean no cavities.
An apparently healthy tooth can hide many hidden conditions. For example periodontal infections.
Frequent headaches can also show to be a problem of the bite. Night grinding and clenching during sleep result in so-called TMD, meaning disorders in the temporo-mandibular joint and jaw related muscles that can cause severe tension headaches, often mistaken for migraines, could easily find their cure at Swedent clinic.
Do not wait until it starts hurting! Regular examinations and cleanings preserves your general health, improves your heart work and keeps your beautiful smile attractive.

Swedent opened doors in Bulgaria first time back in 1995. It was created to provide highest quality dental care for the Diplomatic Corps and expat community giving the latest, most comprehensive and effective treatment and support to improve total health and beauty. “It wasn’t much of a serious move to Bulgaria in the beginning, but after such a wonderful response from all our clients I got very touched, it felt like I had a life mission”. Dean explains. “There is a saying among the expats here: you cry twice for Bulgaria - 1st time when you come and 2nd time when you have to leave! So I came back after three years in Sweden” he says with a warm smile and funny Swedish accent.
Ever since he got his degree in oral medicine from the prestigious and world-famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm 1991, Dr. Dean dedicated his work not only for his patients' well-being but also for spreading know-how to his colleagues, as an international lecturer and speaker.
“I cannot take a big audience, because I get super nervous. I accept only small groups of 8-10 people, where I combine theory and clinical hands-on”.
Dr. Dean developed a practice ranging from preventive prophylaxis to advanced specialized restorative dentistry, strictly following Swedish norms and standards. He created a professional team of 4 dentists and 2 dental hygienists that offer paediatric and orthodontic care, implants, Veneers/ cosmetic dentistry. Full mouth reconstructions, HA dermal fillers and Botox consultations were introduced recently, along with boutique customer care and attention. The clinic won the trust of the biggest international insurance companies and was selected as #1 health provider, but the most rewarding achievement is the ongoing patient loyalty - people keep returning year after year even after leaving the country and moving to their next posting.

Find us at:
Dr. Dean Alexander

DMD Karolinska Institutet Stockholm Sweden
Hotel Marinela, 1st floor, suite 109-111
100 James Bourchier Blvd., Sofia 1407,
tel.+359 2 969 22 72/3; mobile: + 359 888 703821; +359 895 474573