Dr. Nikolay Georgiev is one of the best plastic surgeons in Bulgaria, working in this field since 1995. He is the Manager of ‘Medical Center for Plastic Surgery Dr. Georgiev’ and has specialized in the USA, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Sweden and Turkey. Dr. Georgiev is a member of the International, European and Bulgarian Societies of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.

1W: What does your typical day at work look like?

In our clinic, the working day begins at 8 AM and sometimes ends as late as 7 PM. We hold surgeries in the morning, while afternoons are reserved for consultations. We work with three to four patients a day, as over time I have come to understand that this allows me to be most concentrated and at my best, given my physical capacity. We could also treat five individuals, but I prefer to work with fewer patients, ensuring better quality rather than focusing on higher numbers.

1W: Your entire day is dedicated to patients and the clinic; when do you find time to get acquainted with new developments in medicine, a field where things evolve and change rapidly?

You do have a point, but only to some extent. Young plastic surgeons, who are just starting out or have only 2, 3 or 5 years of professional practice behind them, have certainly a lot to learn. Experience is a great teacher though. When you are well familiar with the nature of your work, there are no radical or unique new methods. Naturally, there are subtle tips and tricks, which should be followed, but you have specialized literature on the matter. Moreover, as a community of leading surgeons throughout the world, we tend to maintain good communications. Each experienced surgeon has developed their own technique for certain types of operations. Now we simply refine that technique through elaborate tricks, which lead to an even better result. There is no need for radically new solutions to each problem. Still, at least once a year I pick a place, where the best in the business make their annual summary of expertise available and thus, find out how the land lies.

1W: Could a certain plastic surgeon be different, given the technique they use? What is the level of Bulgarian professionals?

The high standing of our clinic is based on the fact that interventions cause minimum trauma and there is almost no pain involved, thus ensuring recovery in the shortest time possible. In Bulgaria, we have a group of about 10 professionals, whose quality of work is above European average. We are certainly not pretentious like many American and European colleagues. And we certainly do not work in lustrous clinics, located in insanely expensive neighborhoods, but nevertheless provide the same surgical services with as good a result, to say the least. The lack of pomposity of Bulgarian plastic surgeons is due to the fact that our country is poor. We have to deal with a burdensome regulatory framework and significantly lower prices, as compared to the West. But our expertise and experience are in no case less. A western plastic surgeon with 150 operations is considered very busy and working actively. Good clinics in Bulgaria have the capacity to perform 500 or 700, and in our case, even 1000 operations per year. This experience is significant.

1W: What are the current trends, what do patients look for the most?

When I hear the word “trendy”, I immediately take a step back; this is something very relative. I believe that natural good looks will never go out of fashion. When you preserve the harmony of the face and the body, it simply works. But if chopping noses is trendy - well, I won’t be part of it; if it is fashionable to get huge boobs, which create an unnatural, even fake look - not with me. I operate only when this does not jeopardize patients’ health.

1W: Do you believe you are at the peak of your career?

A medical professional’s career is like riding a bike. As long as you are pedaling, you are moving forward. While patients continue to seek your services, your career won’t be over. There is no peak and no low. It simply evolves. Currently, I am much more efficient in my work than when I was 35. Today we work with even better equipment.

1W: What about fatigue?

It’s there. But one must also know how to find the balance and rest. I love sports. I go boxing and frequent the gym; together with my wife, we pick nice destinations and relax outdoors, and we have the sweetest little dog. I love going to work. You could say that work is my hobby.

By Daniela Yakova
Medical center for plastic surgery Dr. Nikolay Georgiev
Sofia 1619, Bulgaria
315"Tzar Boris III" Blvd.
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