1W: Dr. Minchev, your passion for the technical made you a doctor by profession and a rocker at heart, isn’t that right?

Passion? Passion is certainly the most important thing!

You’re quite right though, technics and mechanics is in my DNA. Technics is logic, precision, handiness...

Biology, the science of life is also logic; it’s the study of structure and function...

And when these two areas of lore - human biology and the mechanics of the masticatory apparatus come together, the outstanding results of this combined knowledge and ability in the field stir up passion for more and better achievements.

If by rocker you mean a free spirit, challenging authority, questing and being driven by the flight of imagination... then yes, I can live with the term. But I would not unequivocally call myself a rocker in my free time. I certainly like rock music; it goes hand in hand with our motorcycle trips and often helps me relax while at work ...

I see myself more as a biker. But also as a sailor.

Owning a bike is not only fun, but also a responsibility. You need to take care of it, as if it is a living thing or rather, a living organism: maintenance, restoration of worn parts, customization, i.e. improving aesthetics, and finally - demonstrating what has been achieved. So tell me, is it any different from what we do in dentistry?

What does dentistry do - it restores and improves the function on this precise mechanism - the human masticatory apparatus. And of course, this has to be done in an aesthetic manner: maximized and individual aesthetics! But also, you always take into account the most current trends in the field.

And if any discomfort resulting from the respective procedure is at its minimum, than our satisfaction peaks.

Basically, the sense of care and achievement, the pleasure of reaching the desired result can unite these seemingly incompatible passions of mine.

1W: Your dental clinic offers preventive procedures, treatment, dental surgery and pediatric dentistry, implantology, etc.; but what certainly stands out is the use of a 3D scanner in your work. Is it the equipment or the methodology of work that differentiates you from other dental centers?

In MiDent Dental Clinic, we try to be as helpful as possible to each of our patients. We undertake personal responsibility for the planning and execution of their overall treatment, i.e. we can carry out all necessary procedures in the best possible and most responsible manner, starting with routine professional dental hygiene visits for a period of 4 months for patients with no complaints or alternatively, gradually going through all necessary steps to create an entirely new and well functioning masticatory system, which also happens to look great.

We apply the latest insights and technologies in each area of dentistry, be that preventive procedures, oral care for children, small invisible fillings for all ages, massive interventions with regard to badly damaged single teeth, root canal treatments, implants, tooth extractions, bone grafting, bite balancing, etc. We are also very effective in our work on the dental aspect of controlling sleep apnea - an extremely important preventive procedure for an individual’s overall health.

The equipment... Equipment in modern medicine is extremely important; it refines the diagnosis and optimizes interventions, achieving excellent therapeutic benefits with minimal trauma (we are all aware of modern minimally invasive techniques). The best and most efficient equipment is a therapeutic standard for us at MiDent, it’s part of our day-to-day life.

For example, making a standard filling, even with anesthesia, is usually associated by patients with a certain level of discomfort, caused by the touch of a classic dental drill to their teeth. We positively solve the problem by treating cavities with light. That’s right, no need to be surprised! Light! The light of a laser beam, that is. Red or green, visible or invisible - the light of a laser beam selectively removes caries-infected tissue, while at the same time sparing healthy enamel; it destroys microbes, disinfects the tooth in depth and allows placing a durable, minimally invasive filling, without having to endure a strong feeling of discomfort!

And what about impacted wisdom teeth? I would say, they are like mandatory military service - you either have very vivid and emotional memories of it or enough reasons to postpone such a daunting, but nevertheless necessary procedure. But why do patients shunt it? Everyone has at some point heard stories of wisdom tooth extractions which lasted for hours, of the heavy swelling thereafter, of nagging and annoying long-lasting pain, of a big hole where the missing tooth used to be.

Well, our recipe for such cases is simple: extraction is done very carefully, easing up the procedure by dividing the tooth into segments; we further use ultrasound and fill the resulting “hole” with suitable bone void filler. The early healing process is controlled via laser.

Patients’ memories of such a surgical intervention are no longer as vivid and emotional.

Of course, we sometimes also use an anesthesiologist, so that the patient may “enjoy” their absence from the operating theatre. This is a combination of modern equipment and present-day treatment protocols.

What about temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)? Or pathologic tooth migration? Or tooth abrasion? In order to find solutions to such issues we recently introduced the latest T-Scan digital occlusion analysis system in our clinic; this is a computerized MTI apparatus for checking occlusion. Currently, it is the only one in Bulgaria and is truly unique with regard to the information it provides.

Still, the most universal, in terms of its application is our specialized 3D scanner for dental images. It provides visual and detailed information on all areas of interest, regardless whether in the context of implants, tooth extractions, root canal treatments, prosthetics, overall treatment or simple diagnosis or routine checks.

We are your defense line in the dental field, so to speak, and the more we know about your oral cavity, the better we will cover all bases!

1W: The Canadian dentist Michael Zuk vouched to clone John Lennon in 2040 using DNA, extracted from one of the late singer’s teeth. Do you think modern technology could make this possible?

Well, at least he won’t have to clone Cher. She’s eternal!

Modern technology makes everything possible. But who will remember the king of pop after 54 years? And wouldn’t he seem touchingly naive then? How many more ethical problems would such an achievement cause?

We could find ourselves in the shoes of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

“The Sorcerer's Apprentice” is a symbol of science based on the question “But what would happen if?” It does not take into account any moral and ethical issues that could arise...
But we can easily list several rather scary examples! Science with a lack of moral is dangerous! But on the other hand - why not? After all, Jurassic Park needs yet another sequel...

1W: If we can speak of “fashion” in dental treatment, which countries dictate it?

I wouldn’t use the word fashion. Trend is more appropriate.

Who dictates trends? Colleagues in countries where lovely and well-kept teeth are put on a pedestal. In the U.S. they are a dream.

Countries, where society strives to make this dream come true. Health and hygiene represent family values after all. Teeth that correspond with current trends are also preferred in countries, where there is more than one health insurance fund, which does not niggardly limit dentists’ and patients’ efforts to provide and receive the best possible service.

A Rolls Royce mass model sounds ridiculous. But so does dental health solely for the rich. Fortunately, there are many new technologies that open up the treatment process and give more and more people access to what they need.

For example, years ago a full reconstruction of tooth loss of a mandible required the placement of at least 10 implants, and more preferably - 12. Currently, thanks to the system of implants we trust in and have been working with for more than 20 years now, tooth loss of an entire mandible can be recovered with only 4 implants! This surgical intervention is significantly less invasive and certainly cheaper! Thus, the sought-after dental benefit becomes accessible to more patients.

And Bulgarian patients in particular deserve our deep-felt respect and understanding, as they cover the entire cost of dental treatment and services themselves. Our National Health Insurance Fund still greatly neglects dental healthcare as a whole.

1W: In your opinion, what do European, American, Asian and African patients have in common and what sets them apart?

Tooth color may vary according to race. Maxillofacial deformities may vary depending on geographic region. The type of food one eats often determines the frequency with which some dental diseases occur.

But in general, they are like all other people - they have the same wishes and the same differences of opinion.

There are simply two types of patients - cooperative and uncooperative ones... Likewise, there are only two types of dentists...

1W: Is the Hollywood smile still in fashion?

Knowing that there are only two types of dentists, it is easy for me to extrapolate that there are also two types of a Hollywood smile - a well made and a cheaply made. And I am not talking about money here - I mean the level of quality and the attributes of the product.

A job well done will always be in demand, while the plastic dreams factory will continue to produce cartoon smiles.

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